What is it


As a psychological coach, I made it my mission to help people find their purpose, drive, and passion in order to achieve their goals and overcome their fears. By doing this, they can unleash their true potential and are getting closer to their personal fulfillment. 

We just have one world and that is why we decided to use stone paper that protects the environment and is also water-resistent

Our vision is to create a community that grows together, helps and inspires each other every day.

This planner is designed to identify what you really want and put it into an action plan so you don´t need to dream your dreams but turn them into reality. 

This planner is based on proven psychological knowledge and experience to help improve one important part and that part is YOU. This planner will follow you on each step to change your habits for the better, keep track of your achievements but also reflect on what you want to improve.

This planner will encourage you to aim higher but also shows you how to reach these goals. Think of this as your best companion who helps you being more creative, being happier, more fulfilled and at the end closer to yourself and your best version.



Start with your vision

Set your values, purpose, and commitments to be more effective in your pursuit to reach your goals. Our life circle provides you with clarity what is most important for you and gives you a scale how you improved and where you stand.

Our weekly layout is full of possibilities, use our timeline to set your most important To Dos. Then block that time on your weekly schedule accordingly and set your appointments. Change habits with our weekly and daily habits tracker for your focus points, achievements, lessons, commitments, and gratitude. Write down your thoughts on your space of creativity. 


Our monthly schedule lets you review the last month and plan the next month ahead. Set priorities with our bullet system. Set your goals hierarchy, analyze what you have to improve for the next month and set your values to be aligned with your core.